A Clinic Day I will NEVER forget!

During most holiday's, I had usually spent the holiday's working in the office of another practitioner -  to allow for coverage of the patients of that practice, and as the father of six children it was truly a gift for me to be able to work and have that position. However a few years ago, during the holiday season -  for the very first time ever - I had an incredible opportunity! Thanks to the friendship and kindness of another podiatrist who graciously covered my patients, I was able to visit my son. My son, now grown, had accepted a position with Harvard University's WorldTeach program, where following his undergraduate degree in Political Science he has undertaken a project of teaching the children on an Island in the South Pacific. He had written us describing the lives o f the families and people he now shares his life with, and has now given me the greatest gift I have ever recieved. You see my wife and I have spent our entire lives attempting to raise our children with a sense of compassion, and a willingness to "give back" the many gifts they have been given. That particular holiday season I was able to travel 7000 miles one way to see our son - doing just that.  It was a truly incredible gift.

We had planned this trip for months. Family, friends and patients helped us to collect shoes for the people of the island. Some of which had never had shoes before! We shipped medical supplies and shoes for weeks, and finally between Christmas and New Year's Eve... they were delivered. I flew for three days, to spend a day on the island with my son, and with his translation and his organization, side by side, I was able to create a small clinic day for the people of the island. There were so many children and adults in need, and I have never felt so proud as a parent to see that the values and principles we had instilled upon our son have helped him grow into the man I worked with that day . Many thanks to my patients, my family and our friends for the contributions they made in this endeavor. I feel gratitude beyond words in being able to help others.   It has been several years since that trip, but what a wonderful opportunity this was for me, and it was an incredible start to a new year.  It is my wish today and always that good health and happiness be experienced by all of my patients, as well as their friends and families...


Dr. Robert H. Cornfield



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