Over the past few years our office has partnered with ATHENA healthcare in compliance with the governmental changes in health care.    Please CONTACT DR. CORNFIELD DIRECTLY IF EVER THERE IS ANY CONCERN WITH THE SERVICES PROVIDED THROUGH ATHENA - since they are not on site, communication from patients interaction with the Athena as well as the on site staff is essential to the quality standards this office prides itself opon.

We will work dil igently to remain the small personal practice that we have built upon over the past 30 years.   We are required to provide data through governmental surveillence regarding race, language, ethnicity.  We are required to document on each and every visit a variety of details pertaining to your health.  There are those who are receptive to this process and others who feel it an intrusion, or dont understand it.   Our office is also significanly pressured to promote use of the patient portal .    Failure of any physician to implement these changes in health care, will result in penalties and sanctions.   However, despite these mandates, our office will always place our primary objective upon personal care, personal attention, and the spoken word, face to face time with our patients, and the ability for you to always reach a person to speak with as opposed to secure portal exchange.   

Please be patient with all of the staff as they gather data that is required.  PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO SEE DR. CORNFIELD  We will always strive for efficiency and make every effort to comply,  while seeing you in a timely manner.  Patient arrival at check in , 15 minutes earlier allows for us to follow the schedule timely.    Your help in this is greatly appreciated.   

Thank you again for the opportunity to evaluate and treat you.   It is both an honor and a privilege.   


Dr. Cornfield and Staff


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