Due to a personal/medical emergency, Dr. Cornfield is no longer seeing patients and the office is permanently closed.

Please contact a provider of your choosing, reach out to your primary care provider. You may also consider calling the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, Beaumont Hospitals Physician Referral Service or Ascension Providence Rochester, for referral to a podiatric physician and surgeon. 

You can call 
Beaumont Physician Referral Service at 800-633-7377 

Or you may visit the referral website for 
a Beaumont provider at 

If you prefer Ascension Providence Rochester you may visit:healthcareascension.com 

Podiatrists in the area have been made aware of the sudden departure of Dr. Cornfield and the personal/medical crisis that brought about this unexpected life change. Many of them have graciously offered to help facilitate your foot and ankle needs. 

The telephone number for the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association is 1-800-968-6762 

Our staff has also taken varied positions with several different practices in the area and they look forward to seeing the familiar faces of all our many patients.  

Dr. Cornfield is not affiliated with any other podiatrist, therefore you will establish yourself as a patient where ever you choose to go. Records of the practice are electronic and are able to be transferred with proper authorization to subsequent treating provider via secure portal.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to serve your needs for the past 30 years.

Dr. Cornfield and Staff